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Alpaca Excellence in the Ozarks

Crane Creek Ranch has been in the alpaca business for 16 years, and in that time we have made vast strides in improving the quality of the fiber that we sell. One of our fiber buyers recently emailed us this unsolicited message: "had to tell you, the light fawn alpaca fiber is absolutely super! i am used to getting fleeces on eBay for a good price, but paying in labor for fleeces that are dirty, unskirted, and full of hay and grass. i choose to save money and put a lot of labor into messy fleeces that most spinners won't touch. but the fleece i just got from you was extremely reasonable price AND of a quality i would expect from a hand spinner store at 5 times the price. it is clean, almost completely VM-free, kemp-free, and just wonderously soft. i can't wait to spin it. it is going to be sheer delight to work with! THANK YOU!" Denise works very hard to make sure every shipment is as clean and free of vegetable matter as possible. The majority of our herd now falls in the "Super Soft" and "Soft" categories, with good to great crimp and average to exceptional fineness. Please call Denise or Brian or email us and request a free sample of fiber for any of our listed alpacas. We usually have some on hand each year right up to our next shearing date, and would love to fulfill your alpaca product needs.